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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

First Anniversary Weekend

Since my husband and I are still saving up to go on our belated honeymoon this fall, we decided to do something fun but very relaxing for our first anniversary. The actual day fell on a Thursday and we had tickets to a Toadies concert at the Bowery Ballroom which was an insanely good show.

Friday we took off for a two day stay at this cute little place we rented near the Catskills in New York. The lady was super nice and the place was so cozy and relaxing.

When we walked in there was a dozen roses from my husband waiting (he never never buys flowers) which just made my day:

Isn't the place beautiful and cozy! Tons of greenery, original artwork everywhere, and at night there were fireflies blinking in the windows...sigh:
The best thing is we got to bring the puppies (here's "little" Charles):
AND there was a grill which made my husband's the beer bellied chicken he cooked up:
We watched movies, played card and board games, took lots of naps, and did just about nothing which was exactly what we wanted to do. Finally on Sunday after we packed up and left we headed out to Minnewaska State Park Preserve and did a couple small hikes. It was gorgeous, we all got some exercise, and we beat the rain....and I got some good photos.

Here's a view of our hike around Lake Awosting:

Anna was dying to jump into the lake:
And the flowers were gorgeous!!
Here's a great view during the hike:
In between hikes we crashed at the truck and let the puppies rest. I had fun taking photos of Charles sprawled underneath the truck...he's a bit lazy...:
And my husband swore he saw a two foot beaver here...I believe him :)
Our next hike was super short to a water fall. Here's the views from up top where it was sort of scary climbing around on the rocks:
Here's a tree...just because...
And the gorgeous view of the falls from the bottom:

Hope you enjoyed the photos!

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  1. Okay, now you're making me miss New York. Happy Anniversary!


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