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Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy Fourth!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Fourth of July. It's been raining here in New York City so we pretty much just stayed in our neighborhood besides a jaunt out shopping on Saturday. Good news...I splurged and bought a new camera!

I've noticed that with graduate school, getting married, moving a bunch, and all those fun things have tended to distract me from some of my past hobbies. Photography is one such hobby. My old SLR is not digital and I have a point and shoot. So I decided to upgrade and here's my new toy:

I'm excited to get back into my passion of taking pictures and capturing moments.
What are your hobbies?


  1. oh how fun! Let me know if you want to come hang out on the "not nest" photography board. It's a great place to chit chat photog stuff.

  2. Yes! What is the link to the "not nest"???


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