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Monday, May 4, 2009

A night in the neighborhood

A few months ago I was sitting in our apartment, doing whatever, when Anna started going a bit crazy at the window. Not too normal...Charlie's usually the busy-body staring out the window...but after a while I went and checked out what she was all bothered about.Hmmm...didn't look too good. I counted about 12 firetrucks...the entire street was blocked off. So like any concerned citizen I put on my shoes and went to find out. Good thing all the neighbors were out and helpful. Two ladies from my building, in house coats and all, told me that smoke was either smelt or seen from a top floor apartment next door. So I saw the firemen climb the ladder and punch out the window. Everything turned out fine. But knowing a dozen firetrucks will show up in an emergency made me feel a lot better about my neighborhood.


  1. I had that same scene outside my apartment back in March. Well, a few less trucks. Not fun. Glad everything turned out okay.

  2. Good to know the firefighters will come through when Spider-Man has the night off. ;-)


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