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Thursday, May 14, 2009

BEA Begging

Ok. So I'm not above asking or begging for things I really want. So here it goes:

Is anyone going to the Book Expo America here in New York City? And if so, how are you able to sign up?

I've been seeing information about it and a friend of mine and I are dying to go. But it looks like it's only open to authors, publishers, librarians, etc. Can I, a small-time book blogger sign up?

I do know Book Club Girl, Julie of Booking Mama, Natasha of Maw Books, Stephanie of Stephanie's Written Word, Amy of My Friend Amy and Dawn of She is Too Fond of Books, and Candace of Beth Fish Reads are all going.

So I'm can I sign up?


  1. You can sign up as a friend/family, but as an non-industry person I believe the cost is around $350 for the weekend. Quite steep, but if you can swing it, you can sign up here:

    A few people I know who are bloggers are attending as well as a publisher friend (she was the one who actually filled me in on being able to attend since I had the same questions as you did, although I can't afford that at this point this year.)

    Hope to hear all about it if you do go.

  2. Register as press and say you're a book blogger!! :)

  3. Or register as a librarian since that is what you will be soon. There is an "industry professional" category too. You could choose that because you review books, and will be a librarian recommending books. I consider that a professional. I wonder if different categories give you different privileges...

  4. I think press registration might be closed but you should give it a shot if you can!

  5. I totally want to go too! I went about 5 or 6 years ago when it was in Chicago, my Mom is a librarian and I went with her, and it was so incredible! Ever since I moved here I've been wishing I could go on the years its in NY. Let me know if you figure out a way!

  6. I registered as press, and put myself don as a blogger/reviewer. You should check out the BEA site. I'm not sure if they closed registration.

  7. I made the mistake of paying the $120 as non editorial media, but they do have the press option too - for free!

    I'm trying to ask for a refund, but it's quite iffy. Thank you for this post though - it helps to find out how to navigate these things!


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