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Friday, May 22, 2009

Museum of Natural History

A few weeks ago, when my mother in-law was in town, I took the day off to go to a few museums with her. She wanted a New York bagel so we grabbed a couple of bagels to go and sat in Central Park and ate our breakfast. It was a beautiful day after a week of tons of rain. Here's the view from where we sat to enjoy our breakfast:
We saw the Metropolitan Museum of Art first...and I didn't take pictures. I know I know. But she LOVED seeing all the European jewelry and crafts. So gorgeous. I swear every time I go to the Met I end up seeing something new.

Then we went to the American Museum of Natural History. (I always thought it was called the Natural History I know better.) I had never been so I was pretty excited.
My husband, after a grueling day of work, got to meet us there and explore. I have to say my favorite part was the floor with the dinosaur bones.

I love the bones on this one. Crazily intricate.
I did get to snag one photo of them...they both don't like being in pictures:
But then I started looking at some of the dinosaur faces and I just started cracking up.

Like this one...SCARY!!! AHAHAHHA.
This one's actually pretty scary too...if he wasn't hovering above my head:
And this one:Look at his face. It's like he's waving at you and saying "hi!". I kind of just want to hug him:Finally, this one. Ok. He's just so cute.The other area that was pretty cool was the Ocean section. I love this huge whale:The exhibits in this room were really cool. Loved it. I would have taken more photos but the museum was starting to close. I definitely want to go back.

Hope you enjoyed the Natural History Museum!


  1. sounds like a lovely fun day! I LOVE the field museum in Chicago - would love to see the one in NY!

  2. Aw, the cute one is really cute. How is it possible that something's *bones* look happy? LOL!

  3. Oh, yeah, I forgot about the giant whale hanging from the ceiling! It has been sooo long since I was at that museum!

    I love the casual dinosaur ... he's like, "Hey, mammals. What's up?"

  4. I LOOOOVE the Museum of Natural History! The last time I was in NY, I spent two days there while the friend I was visting was at work. Yes, most of that time was in the Dinosaur Hall, so your pics made me smile hugely! I had just watched a special on mammoths that weekend, too, so I was particularly fond of him (her?) while I was there. And I bought the sweatshirt which I still wear all the time. Thanks for the memories! :-)


  5. That huge whale would freak me out in person. I have weird phobias.

  6. Haha the turtle is cute! I have never been there, but I bet it would be a lot of fun to see all of those dinosaurs.

  7. My husband and son toured this museum last summer and loved it. Kiddo thought it was great b/c it was the museum from the movie NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM.

    We did the Smithsonian this past weekend - I'll be posting photos from that on my blog soon. :)

  8. That would be so amazing. What I would like to do is get into the places where they store stuff and mostly forget about it. According to several books by authors who've been allowed my dream tour, what they display is not even a fourth of what they have.

  9. LOVE this museum! This is one that I could hit every time I visited New York and probably never get bored.

  10. For our honeymoon we went to New York to see Pearl Jam play at Madison Square Garden and I just had to stop here. It was fantastic - I could've stayed all day...but PJ was callin'!! I also love the Smithsonian.

  11. This was the only museum we went to when we visited NYC this spring. Loved it. I don't remember seeing the giant whale. It might have been a room we skipped as my daughter was on a specific mission due to our time schedule. Thanks for the pictures to remind me.


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