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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Staten Island Ferry - It's Free!

A couple of weekends ago my husband and I were traipsing around the city. My husband's little cousin sent us a Flat Stanley so we were going to go places to get some photos for her class. Except my husband didn't bring Flat Stanley along! I was so confused. Apparently he doesn't think that Flat Stanley needs to be in the photos. Hmmm. I disagree. What are your thoughts? Anyway...

We decided to go on the Staten Island Ferry because A) it was a beautiful day and B) it's free.

It's a great place to get a good view of the Statue of Liberty. I loved the sun behind her:
Here's a random view from the ferry. It was SO windy:Here's looking back on the city as we're headed to Staten Island:And in case you didn't notice, the ferries are a lovely shade of bright orange:
Here's the deck as I'm sheltering from the wind:
But you get some great views of Manhattan on the return trip:
Here's a close up as we're approaching the ferry terminal:I love the bridges:I kind of like this one. I had to be all sneaky so she didn't know I took the photo. I hardly ever use the flash but it means I have to stand VERY still:And here's what happens when my husband tries to take a photo (I actually kind of like it):
And here's the ferry port as we're docking:
Hope you enjoyed the free Staten Island Ferry ride!

***What are you favorite FREE things to do in your city or town?


  1. I have to do this... some of my favorite free things include the various art galleries free Friday nights

  2. The whole reason FOR Flat Stanley is to have him IN the pictures. Sheesh! :-)

    Gorgeous shots. Love the Lady Liberty. I made her my background on my computer. :)

  3. Great photos!

    I love the Staten Island Ferry too.

    One of my favorite photos that I took on the ride was looking down from the top deck to a girl on the lower deck. I just love the bare feet over the water. :) This photo looks scary probably to people who didn't know she was completely within the railing AND being hung onto from behind. :)

  4. Um, yeah, Flat Stanley needs to be IN the pictures ... that's the whole point of actually sending him to someone. :)

    Thanks for the photo tour. My favorite shows the bridges in the back.

    As for free things, I got lucky and scored free tickets to the Aquarium in Baltimore for this weekend. They are usually $30/each, and my family LOVE to go. But this time we'll be getting in FREE - score!

  5. husband takes picture like that too! Great shots :)

  6. Flat Stanley should be in the pictures. I agree with you.

    Thanks for sharing the photos. I like the city all lit up. The bridges look so pretty.

  7. I guess you could always PhotoShop Flat Stanley into the pictures. (Or GIMP him, as the case may be.)

    Probably our favorite free thing around here is Balboa Park, but it's down in San Diego.

  8. I love the photos. The views of Manhattan are just amazing. I envy you living in NYC.


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