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Monday, April 13, 2009

Godmother - Carolyn Turgeon

I've been seeing Carolyn Turgeon's novel, Godmother: The Secret Cinderella Story, floating around the blogosphere for a little while now and thought I'd pick it up for the Once Upon a Time III challenge. It's a modern Cinderella-ish story set in New York City. Very cool.

But let me warn you, this book is slightly darker than the cover portrays. It's not THAT dark, but I was assuming this was a more light-hearted fairy tale. I guess all fairy tales have a sort of sadness at heart to them though.

Apparent from the title, the story is told through the eyes of Cinderella's fairy godmother, you know, the one from the story. Except she's a lot older. And somehow she's been living in New York City for a good many years. Every morning she bandages up her long fairy wings and goes to work at an independent bookstore in the Upper West Side.

Apparently the fairy tale story of Cinderella, the one we all know, is not exactly the truth. Actually, something went horribly awry. So when the godmother, Lil, gets the chance to play "Godmother" to her handsome newly divorced boss, she might get the chance to make amends and go home.

Sound pretty and simple right? But it's a little sad at times. Which is why I liked it. And I LOVED that it's very apparent that Carolyn Turgeon is a lover of books. I mean, her "prince" is a bookstore owner and a lover of books. And the modern Cinderella? She's such a great character. I wanted to know her too.

Tthe book flip flops chapters between the present story, and the past real Cinderella story. So chapter by chapter the reader begins to understand what really happened in the old Cinderella story. And the ending...if you've read it, what did you think? I thought the ending was perfect. Sad. But a perfect ending.

I found a cool alternate cover for the book too:

Carolyn Turgeon has a pretty cool website you can check out too.

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  1. I'm glad you liked this. I agree that the ending was PERFECT, I don't think she could have taken it in a better direction, even though it was sad. I think I prefer the alternate cover over the pink one I actually read, it seems to 'go' with the book a bit more.

  2. I agree with you both, I thought the ending was absolutely on the mark. It fit so well with the direction the story had been going. I'm not really a big fan of either of the covers for the book. I don't think either really fit the mood of the story.

  3. loved the book.. just read it last week! and I agree with Nari.. not thrilled about either cover. and a bit disappointed that it is not out in hardback... but it was an unexpectedly good read

  4. The more reviews of this I see, the more I want to read it! It sounds right up my alley.

  5. That's the first time I've seen the alternate cover! Neat! I think I prefer it more. Great review :)

  6. I really enjoyed this book (and have to agree - the cover was perfect)!

  7. I enjoyed this review - sounds like a great book. On my growing list it goes..

  8. Sorry if this turns into a double comment -something funny happened to my browser. I enjoyed this review - I'm going to have to add this book to my list! :)

  9. Thanks for linking to my review. I thought the ending was perfect, too. I was shocked and didn't see it coming from a mile away.

  10. I have seen this floating around as well and just ordered a copy today. Definitely looks like my kind of book. Glad you enjoyed it :)


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