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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mom Days

So I just realized that I have some photos to post from when my mom came to visit over New Year's weekend. (Since I blog at work...yeah I know...I usually don't have photos on hand to post.)

This is me and my mom in Times Square. Remember it is and was FREEZING.
And this is me and my husband: And here's a random street scene of us. I swear, for being a tall guy I lose my husband a lot:
Another random-ish one at Bryant Park. My mom should have been a paparazzo (singular for paparazzi...I looked it up).


  1. I blog from work a lot, too. Naughty us. :-)

    Nice pics! You and your mom look so cute! (As does hubby!)


  2. Great photos! Thanks for sharing them. I hope to come out to see you too one of these days. Love you sis.

  3. Your husband may be tall, but those buildings are taller! ;-)


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