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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Cold Day in NYC

Well it's Saturday and I'm holed up in our apartment. It's snowing out. We are supposed to get 4-6 inches. Brr. So I'm sitting at our table, looking at the wind and snow blowing outside and sipping on some freshly brewed coffee.

And I thought I'd post some photos from a few weeks ago when my friend came to town. I finally got to do the Top of the Rock thing and it was a pretty cool view. Even the cheesy lights, music, and glass topped elevator was kind of fun. It was a freezing cold day.

I love the old viewers or whatever they are called. It reminds me of an old movie.
Everything that day was dusted with a layer of snow. So pretty:
Poor Central Park. It looks so small and dead in the winter. Can't wait until spring!


  1. Gorgeous photos! Hard to imagine given we are in the middle of a very hot summer at the moment in Australia.

  2. I've never seen NYC in winter from this perspective; thanks for posting these great shots!

  3. Hey, great pics!!!

    By the way, have you been over to Pat's Fantasy Hotlist since Saturday? I think you better check out his post for the 10th if you haven't!!!

  4. I do love New York . . . thanks for the reminder.

  5. I love NYC in the winter and expecially under a blanket of snow. It's so romantic! Can't wait to visit it again.

    BTW, You've been TAGGED!!! You can check it out at

  6. Love those pics! Send some of that snow south to Texas.


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