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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Hmm. Deja Vu

So I'm reading Isaac Asimov's book Foundation for Carl's Sci-Fi Experience Challenge...and wouldn't you know it, I've read this book before. I must have picked it up sometime way back during high school from my dad's sci-fi collection. I remember liking it and lately wondering what book it was. Now I know :)

Oh, and for those of you who don't like sci-fi, you can check out Asimov's Guide to Shakespeare. I have a copy at home and love it. It's goes along with the plays and gives you little insights into the terminology, phrases, places, etc. which contemporaries of Shakespeare would have known but we modern folks might not.


  1. The "Foundation" series is good stuff, I read all of them when I was in high school.

  2. I just read the Foundation trilogy for the first time last year...I was blown away. It is something that I thought about off and on throughout the year and I really want to read it again at some point.


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