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Friday, January 25, 2008

Winter Blues = Virtual Vacation

It is freeeeezing here in New York City. It's nice because the sun was out today but sometimes that just makes it all the more freezing :) So I thought I'd take a little trip down memory lane to back when we lived in Las Vegas. Ok, so this little jaunt was in late February, but'll probably still be freezing here in late February. Oh and good tip for people visiting Las Vegas...head just ten minutes out of town and see what you find...gorgeous!!!!!

2006 - Trip to Calico Tank, Red Rock

Robb and Anna at the trail head:

We dared my husband to climb up this rock and in two seconds he was up...I was amazed and a little scared:

I love how red the rocks are...ummm...obvious why it's called "Red Rocks" ;)

Ok, so now we know the dogs weren't supposed to be in the water (I think I read that somewhere) but back then we didn't. Something about wild burros drinking or something. But the dogs were hot and it was fun watching them play (and they have all their

I think Anna looks like a water husband would kill me if he heard me say that...good thing he doesn't read this :)

This was Charlie's first time around water. He just would not get in the water...

Finally Robb just picked him up and tossed him in.

This is afterwards....he was not pleased (you can tell by that glare):

After the swim I took the dogs up on some rocks for a nice view of the desert and Las Vegas. I didn't have the camera on me....darn:

And back in the truck:

Hope you enjoyed the mini-vacation!

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  1. Love the mountains and love the pups having fun! Zoe is very jealous :)


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