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Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Well I now have less than a week until Spring semester starts back up and my free time is diminishing. Although I love to procrastinate so my blogging should pick up ;) In the meantime, I've avoided my computer at home almost like the plague and I don't have recent photos at work. So I'll be taking you back to some fun days before my husband and I became New Yorkers.

My husband and I met in Colorado while I was an undergraduate studying History and he was getting his Masters in Engineering (mechanical). My roommate and I were taking off to go to Wales for our Fall semester and my husband was one of our sub-leasers for our house for that semester. So we met, fell for each other, and then I took off for four months :)

The following summer we both graduated and I already had plans to go to Alaska to live with my sister and brother-in-law and help out with their new baby. So I took off again for a few months. Poor DH :( But then he decided that maybe Alaska would be a fun place to live and work so that fall I met him in Seattle and we drove to Alaska. Here are some photos we took of that trip...and I suggest that trip to anyone :)

This is Vancouver city in British Columbia as seen from Stanley Park. Yes...that Stanley (the Cup). I was so blown away by how beautiful the city is. I could have spent weeks and weeks there.

Oh...and did I mention we camped the entire way there too? Most of the time is was gorgeous...a little cold but gorgeous. Here's one of the sites:

My husband's dog is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever and she loves water...the colder the better. She loved this campsite. (We hadn't gotten Charlie yet). Here's what entertained us for hours:

And we loved stopping at all the little pubs...I like how they are called pubs. This one was my favorite because of the owner chatting away at us and DH's embarassment at pronouncing Canadian Kokanee beer "co-caine":

Another fun pub or two:

One of the coolest things we did was detour to see an old Ghost Town: Barkerville. The best thing is that the whole town is still populated by actors...kind of like a Barkerville Theme Park. So all the old buildings you can go inside and the actors play their roles as who'd they be in the town. It was a lot of fun. I especially loved the town's church:

We visited the graveyard which is kind of a must see...if you are into that kind of thing. But while we were out walking (not at the graveyard) Anna decided to find a stick:

Still looking

Almost found it

Wow...she really is a (normally) pretty dog...seriously

And if you travel by car with an active know that "normal" drive-time doesn't come close to being how long it takes us to get places. This was a common scene every couple of hours.

And after a few nights of waking up with ice on our tent AND Anna...we entered Alaska.

If you've never been to Alaska...go!!

My views from the trip:

The End!

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  1. What an awesome trip! I love all the photos- so beautiful :)

    I miss camping...maybe next fall.


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