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Friday, January 25, 2008

School Days

So I am back in full swing semester and I have three!!! classes which means I am working full-time and going to school full-time. But that also means I only have to take two classes this semester and then I'm done!!!

So curious minds want to know the classes I'm taking:

SLIS 5223 Metadata and Networked Info Organization Retrieval
SLIS 5740 Introduction to Digital Libraries
SLIS 5206 Information Retrieval Design

Fascinating stuff I know :)

It's great because I get to go to Houston, Texas in February for SLIS 5223 (I have to do a presentation..ahhh!!) and Denton, Texas in March for SLIS 5740. My husband is from both Houston and Dallas respectively and his mom now lives in Dallas. So he is going to go with me to the second one in March and we are going to spend a week traipsing around in Texas, visiting his family, etc. I'm excited because other than driving through the very tip of Texas on our way to New York, I have never been. So yay!!!! to new places!!

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  1. We should have a GTG! Let me know when you will be here...I'm gone like...oh half of february on vacay, but hopefully we can meet up.


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