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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Achieving My Goals

Two of my goals or resolutions this year are to:

1) Do daily devotions

2) Find a church

A few years ago my mom sent all of us kids the Purpose Driven Life devotional. I have to say that I don't think any of us ever read it. But it's been on my mind recently because I really need to find a purpose...well, find His purpose for me. So my sister and I (it was really her idea) are starting the devotional together and I'm really excited :)

The other one is not as easy. My husband and I have been procrastinating trying to find a church. The ones in our neighborhood are all Catholic and isn't quite what we are looking for. He was raised Methodist and I was raised Baptist and then non-denominational. I have to say there is no right denomination but what you feel comfortable with (although I want a church that isn't too that makes me think and drives me to change). So this weekend as we were walking we found a Baptist church and thought we might try it out this Sunday. I know we will probably have to browse a bit before we find the right place for us to be...but we won't find it unless we look. Wish us luck!


  1. I love the PDL. Such a great book and it was really a turning point for me. I've given it often as a gift. I know it's not always read right away, but I hope that it will be there to inspire and educate the reader when they are ready to seek out their purpose in life.

    GL with the church search. No place is ever going to be perfect, but find a place that makes you feel comfortable and that you can feel connected. Just make a commitment to attend so many weeks before making a final decision. I know you will find the right place!

  2. You'll find the right church...just like I did. When I was ready and committed, the right church just sort of found me.


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