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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Lil' Anna Bear

You've probably noticed by now that we have two dogs. Charlie Dog...yes that's his full my dog and Anna Bear is my husband's dog. I may talk more about my dog...well for obvious reasons...but I love love Anna Bear too.

When I first met my husband, she was about five or six months old and just a bundle of energy. She was so spoiled too after a summer of hiking, camping, and sitting up front with my husband in the truck. So when I came along and we both couldn't fit in the front seat...she knew something was up and did not like it. She soon learned "where does the puppy ride?" (back seat) and tried her hardest to slowly push me out of the tent when we'd go camping. It was pretty funny actually. But we've slowly become buddies...especially when DH's out of town and I secretly let her cuddle with me on the couch or the bed (a total no-no).

So I'm going to post some photos of those days before "the dog" (Charlie) came into our life and regalled her to the backyard and the bed of the truck. When it was just the three of us:

In Alaska:

Outside Las Vegas:

She's such a water dog...even in the desert she'll find water:

And she loves chasing her freesbie or ball or pretty much anything:

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