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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

That one tree in NYC

Time is moving way too fast. Does anyone else think that? I can't believe it's December already. Sigh.

NYC is all abuzz today because it's that time again. The day the Rockefeller Center's tree gets all lit up.

I am NOT dealing with the throngs of people today. Been there and done that a few years ago. So to regurgitate an old post, here's a photo of my husband and I during the tree lighting.

A few years ago I did happen to walk by the center while the tree was still all boxed up. Makes me wonder how they transport the massive tree?


  1. I was in NYC Thanksgiving weekend a few years ago and missed seeing the tree lighting but the sight of the giant tree was enough. So neat.

  2. I do love visiting NYC in December, despite the crowds.

  3. I'm so out of it. I had no clue that today was tree lighting.

  4. Wow! That boxed up tree is something to behold. Beautiful pics!

  5. Time really does fly! Seems like this year just started, and now it's quickly drawing to an end.

    If all goes according to plan, I'll be seeing the aforementioned ginormous tree this coming weekend. I'm looking forward to it, except for the battling of all the crazed Christmas crowds! Must've been neat when you were there for the lighting, but yeah, dealing with that many people all at once seems like a fright!

  6. Wow that's a big tree. I'm with you, December got here way too quick this year!

  7. Wow, the tree in the box is almost as impressive!

  8. That tree is massive. How in the heck do they get it to NYC and where in the heck do such large evergreen come from?

    It's so pretty though so I'm glad NYC does it.


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