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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Auburn Game

Every year my husband and I meet up with some friends in Auburn, Alabama to catch an Auburn game. My husband is an Auburn alum so watching college football is his thing.

I love the Auburn campus. It's got such beautiful buildings:

I really like this one:
It was COLD this year! And it rained just a little.
You can see the ominous clouds:

They lost but we still had a good time.
***Quick shout out to Alabama Book Worm and Lisa at Books. Lists. Life. --WAR EAGLE!

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  1. How fun! There is nothing like watching a college football game. I'm an Alabama fan so I shall not comment about Auburn. :)

  2. War Eagle Baby!!

    (Do you have more pictures of campus stashed away on flickr or anything? I love seeing how it's changed.)

  3. Verycool..I almost transferred to Auburn & I've got family that lives very close by there.


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