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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ask Away!

I'm going to try something a bit different for this review of The Art of Racing in the Rain. I've been putting off reviewing it because while I really liked it, I'm not sure what I am going to say that is much different than the many other reviews floating around out there. That and I really loved that my husband read it as well during the same time...and it was totally unplanned! He even has his own copy he bought because he didn't know I had one.

So...after that long schpeel...I want YOU to ask us questions about the book. You can ask me, or my husband, or our dogs...ok, they didn't read the book but you get the point.

BONUS: I am giving away my copy (details in the follow-up post) so if you enter the contest I'll give you FIVE extra entries for every legitimate question you ask.

Note: I was asked by Sean at Terra Communications to read and review this book. My husband, however, just thought it looked like a book he would like and bought his copy.

**We both liked the book. My husband (Robb) is going to re-read it in the near future.


  1. 1. Do you look at your dog differently after reading this book?

    2. Did you like how the story was written from the dog's perspective? Why or why not?

    3. Do you or your husband have a favorite quotation or passage from the book?

  2. Did you and your husband react differently to the dog narrating the books and what happened to the dog over the course of the story?

  3. hi Amanda,
    first thing first, is the giveaway open worldwide ? if yes, please count me in :)

    I've never read books from Animal views. It's an interesting book, I might say.

    so :
    - What was the first thing come out when you had finished reading this book ?

    uniquas at ymail dot com
    - what is the best part of this book for you and your husband ?

  4. Hi, Amanda. I was perusing Blogger and happened upon your blog. Neat idea! And I love that NYC picture from your most recent post.

    I read The Art of Racing In the Rain several months ago, and it has filled the favorite book category for me ever since.

    That said...

    How many times did you cry?

    And, would you ever name a dog Enzo?


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