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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Snowy Day in NYC

Well, it's snowing again today here in New York City. The puppies love it though. So I thought I'd post a few pictures I took while I had the day off from work on MLK day.

Here's our lovely snowy park:
I thought it was so cool that the pond and the river was freezing over.
Even the Harlem River was frozen over. The current was carrying big chunks of ice down.

Anna loved watching the ice. She's a water dog (Chesapeake Bay retriever) and she just wanted to jump in. Charlie just barked at the ice when it moved.
I finally got a good photo of Anna. She's never stays still long enough.
It's a bit hard to take a photos when you have these two dragging you around. But I think I got some good pics.

For some reason, the birds balancing on the ice just cracked me up. I had to hide dogs behind a tree so they didn't scare the birds.Hope you enjoyed the winter photos!


  1. I enjoyed them indeed! You always take such great pictures :)

  2. Gorgeous pictures. When I had JD (my chessie) we lived up in CT and the park we used to frequent had a river and if the current wasn't too strong I would let him go swimming in the winter and he would actually try to retrieve the chunks of ice that were floating in the water. It was so funny to watch him try to swim this huge chunk back to the shore. Sometimes he would succeed but not often. I really like the birds on the ice picture.

  3. I'm cold just looking at those photos...hope there is some sun coming your way :)

  4. I remember back in college, wayyyy up near Canada, we used to stand on the bridge over the river and watch ice float downstream, sometimes with birds standing on the ice looking confused, or perhaps just enjoying the scenery as it went by ...


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