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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Just a stroll...

I just got an email from my sister wondering why I'd been so lax in my postings. So without further ado...

A couple of weekends ago while out shopping, my husband and I cut across from the East side of town to the West and went through Central Park. Ok...that's sort of a lie. We meant to do that but ended up a little lost and back on the East side. So we just took the bus over to the West side. But in the meantime I got to take a few photos of a new area of the park I hadn't been to. It was slightly overcast so no blue skies but it was still nice out. Oh...and my brother was really excited because if you've seen the movie Enchanted, it's the place where she sings and dances in the park.

Oh...and another cool thing...he took a picture of the same place last December and couldn't believe how green it is now. Here's the December photo:

And here's a few weekends ago:

Here's the lake (not sure the name):

We want to rent rowboats sometime. Oh and this is the bridge my brother was so excited about from the movie:

And just a pretty droopy tree:

Hope you enjoyed the Central Park walk!

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