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Friday, May 16, 2008

A Jaunt in Hell...but just the kitchen


So I promised more NYC. One thing I have to remember is that New Yorkers are very specific and picky about their neighborhoods and if don't get it right they let you know. So I was pretty shocked that H and I usually spend our time when we go out in Hell's Kitchen or Chelsea which is nearby. I just assumed we were bopping around Midtown West. So now I know Hell's Kitchen is also known as Midtown West or Clinton. Hell's Kitchen is basically from 8th Ave to the Hudson River and from 34th Street and 59th Street (or 57th...whoever you talk to). We normally hang out here because 1) Near the A or 1 trains for easy rides home or 2) Cheaper cab ride if we go that route.

Being an amateur historian, I like knowing that Hell's Kitchen had huge Irish-American populations. Obviously some organized crime stuff happened here. What I love knowing is that the film West Side Story was based in this area. Today there are a lot of artists because it's fairly close to the Broadway and off-Broadway theaters and acting schools.

A tip...when going to karaoke places in this area, be aware that you may be up tough competition as some of the Broadway performers like to hang out at karaoke places for fun...and scare people like me out of singing in public :)

What to see in Hell's Kitchen

--- Madison Square Garden (border's Hell's Kitchen at 34th)

--- Studio 54

--- Seinfeld's Soup Nazi

--- Hearst Tower

--- Time Warner Center

--- Columbus Circle

---CBS Broadcast Center

---Sony Music Studios

---The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (taped here)

---Clinton Park/Clinton Community Garden

---Port Authority Bus Terminal (Port Atrocity we call it :)

---Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Musuem

**I'll post our favorite spots as they come up :)

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