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Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Well my METS paper is hopefully submitted and I am just working on a Powerpoint for a presentation I have to give this weekend in Houston.

Yay! I am actually pretty excited to go to Houston for the following reasons:

A) Never been and I love love love seeing new places

B) My husband is from Houston and lived in Woodlands (if you're from/live in Houston you might know where that is)

C) I get to meet Amanda, fellow blogger!!


  1. Woohoo- come on down! the weather has been pretty nice lately.

  2. SHUT UP!!!! I LOVE AMANDA!!!!! I am SO jealous you two get to meet!! I actually got to meet Amanda last January - she ROCKS my FACE OFF!!!

    You two will have to have a drink and think about me, right, cuz, I'm the one who brought you together!!! WHOOOT!



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