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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Library Lovers Month

I have to say that I love love libraries, bookstores, reading books, the smell of books....

So I'm excited to learn that February is Library Lovers' Month !!

And in honor of Library Lovers' Month my husband and I are going to the "Lion Library" to do some studying. I coerced him by saying we can do fast food dinner (I don't normally do fast food) and we both can study. I need to write a paper on M.E.T.S. (no...not those Mets...Metadata Encoding Transmission Standards) and he can study for the F.E. (Engineering test).

I'm excited because we'll probably be studying in the famous Reading Room!

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  1. M.E.T.S. sound kinda scary!!! But, I know you know your stuff!!! Good luck on your paper!!!


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