As many of you may know, I am no longer a New Yorker, so please check out my new blog A Library of My Own. If you are just reading Life and Times, you are missing out. Thanks!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bloggy Stuff

So I've been tinkering around with a new blog since, well let's face it, I am no longer a New Yorker. I need all your help. Will you check it out and give me any feedback?

I always love constructive criticism.  I'm still working on it so take that into account.  Also, if you have a blog of your own, do you have any tips or thoughts of what works well for your blog?  If you are a reader of blogs, what do you like to see?


  1. Looks nice! Love the new header especially!

  2. I like the new look.

    The new header is great (even better than you old one, which I liked).

    To be honest I like the mix of your blog, a good mix of interesting, quirky and friendly.
    I particularly like your photo tours (but as you know I like the odd piccie myself).

    The best advice I have received is post what YOU like. Then your blog will come across well, no matter what you post.

  3. Oh, and one other plus with the new blog, is it is a bit easier to read dark text on a light background.

  4. Aliens, ninja hedgehogs, and death rays work pretty well on mine. But I'm not sure that's what your readers are expecting ...

  5. You moved and didn't tell us! I love the style of the new blog. I just read your review of Jane Green's book and loved it. I used to always read Jane Green and I haven't read one in ages. I love the mat you made for you cup too.
    I shall add your new blog to my google reader.


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