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Thursday, June 26, 2008

First Anniversary!!!

One year ago today my husband and I were married. We were living in Las Vegas at the time and had gathered some of our closest family and friends and had a small wedding ceremony. Seriously small...only fifteen people...I really don't like being center stage :) And no we didn't get married by Elvis. The Artisan Hotel has a beautiful little chapel which made for a gorgeous wedding. And I love art and the whole hotel is decked out in art.

The ceremony was simple, small, beautiful, and perfect. Here's just a couple photos:
One of our first dates was over pints of Guinness so my brother got us two and, of course, we had to ham it up for the photo:
And here is us the night before getting a celebratory Guinness after getting our marriage license. We didn't mean to wait until the last minute :)

We've had a pretty crazy life together up until now. I think things are just starting to calm down a bit. We met in late 2003 and have been dating since 2004. Since then we've lived in Colorado, Alaska, Nevada, and New York. I wouldn't want to make the trip through life with anyone else. Here's to the next 49 (at least!) years together :)


  1. Happy Anniversary! Love the wedding pictures- you guys are too cute! Hope you have a great one ;)

  2. Happy anniversary!! Oh, and the pictures from the Catskills look amazing--everything is dead and scorched in Texas right now from the heat so I'm really jealous of anything lush and green.

    Beautiful pictures from your wedding, also!


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