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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Amazon in NYC

Last week, my pick of something do do in NYC was going to see an Amazonia Brasil exhibit on Pier 17 near Fulton and South Streets. It was an indoor exhibit and since the air conditioning wasn't working correctly, it was discounted. It wasn't too bad since it just made us feel like we really were in the humid tropics. While it was catered more for children it was still a fun thing for us to do. It got us out do an area of town we usually don't get around to going to and it also ended up dumping rain so we had to duck inside for a bit. I love rain storms. And I also got some nice photos:
I loved the different colors and textures of the beans and wood:

I this was cool with the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges in the background:

Right now they are building a waterfall under the Brooklyn Bridge which will open sometime this summer. How cool!
Here's a view of the city from Pier 17. There's some pretty cool ships you can tour too.

Here's another view of Pier 17. There's tons of restaurants and bars outside and inside it's a mall.
And finally the rain came and here's where we huddled before making a mad dash to Grand Central Station for the ride home.

Hope you enjoyed the bit of Amazon in NYC :)

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