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Friday, April 11, 2008

Amanda Update

Just a little catch-up for all those who are curious.

I'm finishing up this semester and boy am I trying hard not to stress. Projects and papers are rapidly getting closer to due dates and so I do what most normal people would do....I am going camping!!!

We are heading out tonight and going to bundle up (because last weekend the nearby lake was still partially frozen) and get the dogs and camp out in the wilderness. Oh! And someone is bringing their dog, a Burmese mountain dog, so little Charlie will have someone to play (a.k.a. terrorize) with.

What's been going on in NYC you ask? Well Spring is trying to get here. I've seen wild daffodils in the woods near our apartment, blooms are starting to be on trees (gorgeous!), and we had one super nice day yesterady (high sixties and sunny!). But mostly it's been rainy and cloudy. Last Sunday was insanely nice so my H and I took a nice long walk in Central Park. The friday before that was First Friday at the Guggenheim Museum and we though, hey! that sounds like fun. Ummm...first...if it starts at 9:00, do not show up at 10:30. And second...just don't show up. Members get in free...and the member line was insanely packed. The non-member line was all the way down the street. So....maybe some day we'll go when we have hours to spare to stand in line before nine o'clock. But we had a great time anyway since a friend lived by. My H met one of my co-workers and her husband and we now have more people to go karaoke-ing with. Yay!

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  1. Camping sounds wonderful about now! It will be too hot (for me at least) here soon!


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