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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

More NYC! now that things are winding down for me this semester (two weeks and counting!), I am going to post more NYC fun stuff.

So some may ask where my H and I tend to hang out when we go out on the town. Well, we are more of the fish n' chips, Guinness, pub-people (less loud disco-y stuff) we tend to hang out in...wait for it...Hells Kitchen. Muhhahaha... sounds scarier than it is.'s actually not scary at all :) Or we hang out in the Upper West Side or Chelsea. I will go in depth in all of these at some point but tonight we are going to have a pint or two in the Upper West Side. We like a little cozy place called The Dead Poet which is a great place to go to get a nice yummy pint of Guinness or play a game of pool (one table though).

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