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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Back from Dallas

Last weekend I had a two day class in Dallas which went great! I did a small speech on "digital preservation" and had a great time getting to know class-mates. So I stayed at a nice hotel for two nights and then my husband flew out on Sunday.

My husband's family is lives in the Dallas area and I have only met his mom and aunt. So we decided to make a little vacation out of it, see the sites, and introduce me to the fam. I was a little nervous :)

I had a huge paper/project due this weekend so I stayed an extra night in the hotel so I could go to the campus library and crank out the paper. When I checked out the hotel guy said they had no record of me staying that last night - even though I called it in - so he said it was my lucky day and gave me that night's room free! How cool was that!

So I got to see my campus (I've never been there before) hung out coffee shop in the library and in the library and got a ton of homework done. I also got a nice bright orange sweatshirt with my school logo. my school colors aren't bright orange but since my husband is a die-hard Auburn fan and my school isn't too huge in football...I figured it would be a way to support both ;) I also got a school ID which is something I don't have and sometimes comes in handy for discounts. And then my husband and mother-in-law picked me up.

I'll upload and show you all my photos from San Antonio, the Alamo, the Riverwalk, and all that fun touristy stuff. All those kinks and hurts in my back went away and we enjoyed the lovely warm, 90+degree weather in the Dallas area.

Now back to the grind :(

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  1. So, you are there!! I've tried to text you and must be screening my calls. :) Love you!


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