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Monday, November 19, 2007


This morning as we walked the dogs, the wind was whipping up and there was cold rain coming down. As I left for work a bit later I actually saw tons of wet snow falling!! Yay! It made me smile. Apparently I'm the only one that saw it because my husband didn't see it and no one at work did either...although apparently Jersey did.

Which reminds me that I have tons of back blogging to do. I tend not to like getting on my computer on the weekends since I am stuck on them all week. But this weekend I had tons of fun and played tourist a bit.

Friday night I walked from my work to meet Robb near his work. I ambled for about an hour and a half and saw the sites and took pictures. Saturday we took a nice long walk through Inwood Park and saw tons of gorgeous fall colors. Maybe I'll get around to posting them tonight. I have homework to do so I will probably procrastinate a bit :)

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  1. I miss fall! It's still in the upper 80's here! bleh...bring on winter!


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