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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A Book in a Day

Book Blog

So a good thing happened while I was under the weather...I finished up two books!! The first one was The Last Princess of Wales on loan to me from my sister. I now can send her back the book and one of my own she has to read. This should be fun :) I really enjoyed the of those lovely little historical fiction/romance books that make you want to say "Saints!" instead of some other naughty four letter word :)

The next two books take place during World War II...I guess in an homage to Veteran's Day :)

I started and finished April in Paris by Michael Wallner, also a historical fiction/romance but on a much different note. It was a much sadder tale which takes place during World War II in German occupied France. The story revolves around a German soldier/translator and French girl. The story is seen through the German's eyes. Very interesting and quite touching.

Now I am on to another World War II book, Double Cross Blind by Joel N. Ross. Only a couple chapters into it but it looks like it is about an American who joined the war (Canadian side) before the US had declared war. It takes place a few days before the attack on Pearl Harbor and it looks like the American's nemesis is a woman who is a Nazi spy. Ooooo. We'll see how it goes :)

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