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Monday, November 26, 2007

Happy Holidays!!

My husband and I decided a while ago that we were going to make our own traditions. This stemmed from the fact that his family is in Texas, mine is in Alaska and Colorado, and what do we do for Thanksgiving?? This saves us from arguing about who's family to visit, buying plane tickets, rushing around, preparing food, being stressed, and finding someone to take care of our dogs. Holiday time can be stressful!! I've actually heard people argue over what's better on sweet potatoes: marshmallows or brown sugar. I actually can't handle all that stress so we made our own tradition. For the last three years we've been going camping on Thanksgiving. It gives us some peace and quite, out in nature, and the puppies get to play. This is our first Thanksgiving since we've been married so we are hoping to keep up the tradition. So from my family to yours...Happy Holidays!!!

2005 - The Grand Canyon, Arizona & Cathedral Gorge, Nevada

2006 - Joshua Tree National Park, California & San Diego, California

2007 - Allegany State Park, New York & Lake Erie, Pennsylvania

Oh...and for some weird reason, the last two years have found us on a beach during Thanksgiving. Weird. But dog-friendly beaches are awesome. :)

2006 - San Diego, California

2007 - Lake Erie, Pennsylvania


  1. What a great idea! We started the "leaving" with a destination wedding to get away from most of the "worst" of the family. Just by chance we did Alabama for Tgiving this year, but we're talking about doing Christmas somewhere fun (maybe even with the family) next year. Love the pups!

  2. YAY for your own traditions!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!


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