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Thursday, October 2, 2008

First Day at the Met

After blogging about my Turner experience at the Met, I was reminded of my very first trip to the Met. Back before we lived in NYC. It was the day (unbeknownst to me at the time) that I would end up being engaged to my now husband. He wanted to do something I would enjoy...he knows me well.

Apparently it was "Angel Mania" at the time.

I love this building across the street from it. It's just too cool.

This is the reconstructed Temple of Dendur. Interesting...engaged in NYC and now we live of engagement we saw this and our upcoming honeymoon is in Egypt...hmmm...Looking through the glass walls which surround the temple:And you definitely have to check out the rooftop of the Met. There's a cafe and the views are stunning. I used my photo from the roof of the Met overlooking Central Park as part of my blog header:

The husband-to-be snapping a photo:And us:Oh, and you can pretty much always expect on odd rooftop art exhibit. We thought this was real until we saw the little name plaque. Umm...slightly gross. In the back of this glass you can sort of see the other one...a large (fake or stuffed) alligator with tons of forks stuck in it:

And remember that entrance fee is donation if you just want to pop in for a few minutes, just donate a few dollars.


  1. Great pictures! What a cute couple you make!

  2. Aw, you guys are a cute couple!

    I love that same building you mentioned and pictured across the street. One of the things I love most about visiting NYC is the incongruity of old against new. Finding buildings like this that have survived is like finding visual treasure.


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