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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

From Met to Park

After our J.M.W. Turner experience at the Met...which is on the East side of Central Park...we decided to head towards home...which is on the upper upper West side of Central Park. So we decided to take a stroll through Central Park and head West.

Note: This is not such an easy thing as you'd expect. Last time we tried this we walked for an hour or two and ended back up on the East side of the Park. :)

But this time we were successful and saw some beautiful scenery.
I'm still not too good about naming all the lakes and ponds. This is either part of The Lake or Conservatory Pond. Anyone know?
Although you can barely see them, through the trees is a group of people who meet and perform/learn folk dancing. I thought it was pretty cool:

I'm pretty sure this is The Lake where you can rent row boats and go boating. We need to do that at some point:

I even saw a guy painting the scenery. I'm still a bit shy about photographing people but I did here:
Some parts of The Lake are really mossy but I thought the weeping willow-ish tree looked pretty picturesque.

Even this light pole looked pretty cool:I credit this one to my husband. He told me to take the picture and it turned out pretty cool since the sun was behind the buildings:So then we poked around this area for a bit...does anyone know what it's called? Somehow we always end up in this area of Central Park. Of course I had to take pictures of the fountain and the water flowers:And of my husband (on the right) patiently waiting for me to finish taking all the photos. There's always people performing in the area behind my husband which is what everyone is looking at:This is the first time I took photos of the area inside though:I felt like I was in some old church or something. And then I saw this:Which was the third bride I'd seen in Central Park that day. How beautiful! But to the right of them I saw this:Those two were playing some really pretty but crazy music. The guy on the left had bells on his legs and the lady with the white cowboy hat (Texan I am sure) was dancing along with the music.

We ambled more through the park and then finally made our way home.

Hope you enjoyed the stroll through Central Park with me :)


  1. SO pretty & so much fun stuff just around teh corner from you!

  2. Wow. Great pics. Thanks for sharing. I've only ever been to NYC once and it wasn't a touristy visit. :-)

  3. Gorgeous photos! I loved them!

  4. Very pretty pictures! Now I wish I'd spent more time in Central Park when visiting the city ...


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