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Friday, October 24, 2008

Brooklyn Bridge Walk

It's definitely Friday and I'm definitely not wanting to be at work right now. So I'll do a little more reminiscing about my first trip to New York City. Click here for another post from that trip. I was reminded by Click. The Good News about the fun experience of walking over the Brooklyn Bridge. We were staying at a hotel in Brooklyn and decided to walk to Manhattan Island instead of taking the subway.

Here's the start of the walk/bike lanes:I like the flag on the bridge...very patriotic:

And there are a lot of New York City sites you can see from the bridge, like the Empire State Building:The Manhattan Bridge:
The Statue of Liberty:For some reason I thought the Statue of Liberty would be bigger...and more isolated. It's kind of surrounded by industry.

I also liked the way the suspension wires look in the photo (yes, that's my husband in white taking a picture of me taking a picture...we're dorky like that):And finally the walk ends on Manhattan Island near the Woolworth Building:
Hope you enjoyed the short walk!


  1. how fun! it's nice to know what I am looking at. My dear husband wasn't such a good tour guide via his photos.

    I'm working in Brooklyn on Monday, so I'll wave your way!


  3. It's photos like these that make me miss my old apartment--I lived right near the Brooklyn Bridge on the Brooklyn side.

    You're right; it has gotten a bit chilly here! I too am putting off putting on my winter coat for as long as possible, because I know I'll be wearing it for the next five months nonstop and find myself hating it by March (not the coat's fault--it's a lovely long, black wool one from Bananna Republic).

  4. Great walk! And fantabulous pictures.

  5. Cool pictures! Bridge shots like that always make me think of "Cloverfield" now though. I hope that wears off eventually ...


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