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Monday, January 11, 2010

Fun NYC Apartment

While I was writing my review of How to Save Your Own Life, I mentioned that my lovely apartment is currently having a HUGE mold problem which is driving my allergies, asthma, and eczema crazy...for like a year! We knew there was a leak over above our apartment which was supposedly fixed, but it wasn't until I moved our Christmas tree box from the closet that I knew something was awry.

Exhibit 1
The leak in our bathroom. The super kindly offered to fix it by painting the wall. I think that's how 99% of NYC apartment problems are fixed...just shellac over it with a huge coat of latex paint.

Exhibit 2
The culprit which was hidden by our tall Christmas tree box. The box actually stuck to the wall. So gross.

Exhibit 3

Robb got a mold test kit from Home Depot. This was just left sitting open in our living room for a bit and then closed. A few days later....even more disgustingly gross. I can't believe we are breathing and living in this air!!

Well, at least I've learned some lessons:

1) Super's don't really ALWAYS know what they are doing.
2) My allergist is HORRIBLE. (My derm doctors plain just told me they didn't know. Helpful.) I asked a YEAR ago if my problems could be due to mold and she told me's probably a food allergy. Uh huh. After eliminating most food, living off chicken and rice and my problems got way worse...I Googled allergy symptoms of mold and Ta Da!!
3) Go with my gut. I thought it was mold and was talked out of it. While there are some amazing doctors out there, many are still just in it for the money. Thousands of dollars later, I have learned this important lesson.
4) My body doesn't just plain hate me, which is what I was starting to think. A new year and moving on to being healthy and happy.


  1. Errgh! Oh no :( I hope your super really, actually fixes it for you!

  2. How awful. I hope you manage to find somewhere else to live soon.

  3. I'm so glad you figured it out, hate that it took a year. Have you found a new place?

  4. EWEE gross is right. so sorry you had to suffer that long.

  5. That's just nasty. I'm glad you now know what's going on. Here's hoping your new places isn't so gross!

  6. The petri dish is very gross. I din't even know you could get a mold test at Home Depot. Makes me want to find out what I'm breathing. I hope your body recovers after some time away :)

  7. That sucks! I'm glad you've figured out what was wrong with you though. Hope you can get the problem fixed soon!

  8. Reminds me of the time one of our landlords tried to fix a leak in the roof by spackling the ceiling in the affected room. Ummmm, FAIL. Hope you get out of there soon.


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