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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Christmas Pictures

Ok, so uploading all the photos that I want from my brother's trip would be impossible so I will just post some favorites.

My husband and I at Times Square totally freezing.
This is my brother playing with the color accent thing in the subway.
And this is me playing with the color accent :)
So then I took the day off and traipsed around town with my brother. I never get to do this so I was excited to see places I haven't yet seen. Oh...and we were on the very southern tip of the island and it was so windy and cold.

This is me with the Statue of Liberity in the background.
I always thought the Statue of Liberty was all alone on an island but looking at it ...she's surrounded by stuff. Not sure what but it's kind of sad.Ellis Island. I am looking forward to maybe taking a tour there this summer. It was so windy and cold we couldn't bear getting on a boat.
Me being cheesy :)
This is the Peace Sphere that was located in the World Trade Center plaza fountain and pretty much came out unscathed. It's a pretty amazing site....especially after seeing the absence of buildings made by the World Trade Center.
From the pier where we were taking photos of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island...if you turn around this is what you'd see...
Also Downtown...I love the juxtaposition of old building against new...
I also like how Downtown has super narrow streets...not like Mid-Town where I work:
At the corner of Wall Street and Broadway you'll find Trinity Church. It's beautiful and slightly creepy all at the same time. Maybe because it was winter or because it's so crammed between buildings. I had fun playing with my camera settings and taking pictures:

Ok...we are off to watch the Bourne Ultimatum...I will post more later!!!


  1. Fun pictures!!! I really need to break out my camera more!!!

  2. I love seeing these pictures!! We've been to NYC once and loved it. It was before we had our digital camera and we didn't take many cool pictures.
    If we could, we would totally move there.
    In the meantime, I'll just dream about it and read of your adventures!!
    Oh, and we have 2 very large dogs too.


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